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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s so special about you, your service and your studio?

I am a professionally qualified music producer and engineer, further backed up by my BA (Hons) in Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree; I am passionate about my work and always like to be prompt and deliver quality results. I care about my clients and have many years of experience doing what I do. Moreover, I have invested heavily in my education, tools and studio housing, a selection of modern, vintage analogue and digital hardware and software. Here are some links to give you a feel for my work and me as a person:

My about page.

My LinkedIn page

The mixing service page.

The mastering service page.

You can get free track feedback if it’s your first time using my service! Contact me here for this.

If you are a first-time client, I will spend time with you on a quick 10-15 zoom call for you to get to know me and ask questions about my services! You can use an optional zoom call included in each project price free of charge also. Contact me here for this.

And much more now and coming!

2. I like the look of your services; it's my first time here. Can we meet on a video call before I book you?

Yes. I would love to meet my clients face-to-face to answer quick questions you have about my services and how things will work once you commit to any of my services.

I will be adding a booking system in the future as things are getting busier each day via the website, but for now, please use the contact form and we can work out a time.

3. I am itching to release! What happens after I request a quote, and how long does it take to get a reply?

Typically depending on workload, within 24hrs on weekdays. I may reply over the weekend if I am in the studio. However, if you contact me over the weekend, please wait until Tuesday before following up.

4. How do I send over the project or music to you, and what do I need to do?

Although I will send you a specific guide for each service, you use at Mixing is more involved, so it’s an excellent way to give an example of sending a project, and will typically be the following steps:

  1. Before you send over your exported tracks, you will need to have signed off on the invoice we have sent you with the confirmed date to start the work and send it back to me.
  2. Optional 10 mins video call with me to help with any questions and to go over your requirements if you want me to, or just for a quick chat. I like to do this to add a personal touch so you know I am genuine. Most services keep you at arm’s length online. I did say I care about my clients! 
  3. Make sure all the tracks are not clipping. Export your DEMO mix with your examples of effects automation enabled etc., as a single file bounce/mix. Please disable all limiters on the master bus. The demo mix will help give an idea of what you are trying to achieve. The minimum file quality is 44.1k/24-bit WAV.
  4. Concerning your mix DEMO, please supply some similar reference tracks – (streaming links are ok) and state any specific things you want on the mix. Or, if you prefer, I can decide what’s best here.
  5. Make sure all the tracks are not clipping. Export every track as individual parts. The minimum is 44.1k/24-bit WAV (if you name them all, even better, as this will save us time on our side, kick top, kick bottom, snare, bass, lead vocal, and so on). Ensure all effects are disabled, especially on the master bus, unless the effect is essential to the project.
  6. Leave any additional notes and double-check all your requirements.
  7. Zip up all of your prepared files with the DEMO mix.
  8. Send the download link. (You can use a service like WeTransfer, Dropbox, or similar)
  9. I will test and download the files using the link you provided. If there are any issues or anything missing, I will let you know immediately!
  10. I am very approachable, so questions during the process are welcome.
5. It sounds like a long time to mix each track. Why?

Yes. These are the average maximums per track. Mixing involves a lot of preparation and the mixing part – it depends on the material, how well it has been recorded, and if there are many audio tracks, as some projects can reach into the hundreds! The more non-mixing & organisational preparation work you can do upfront, the faster the turnaround of the work.

Furthermore, it may even take longer if there are issues with your project(s) that you may not have noticed. For example, timing issues must be manually re-aligned, which is common with live performances (unless deliberate). Another example is if audio needs repairing or vocals tuning, this must all be resolved before even one fader is touched. Doing most of this work yourself, if you are comfortable, is advisable to avoid paying for add-ons.

Also, the timescales include breaks away from the music to remain objective. It is a fact that we humans suffer from ear fatigue very quickly, so most professionals take regular intervals to ensure that the result is the best it can be.

6. How can I check on the progress of your work? And what files are provided during the mixing progress?

Of course! You can ask me at any time about the progress of your project.

Also, you will be sent clips of the mix for you to revise. Use the included revisions to give your feedback and additional tweaks before you sign off the project as completed!

Please reply to our email correspondence or create a new message and send it to:, or you can use the contact form. Please note if you need to call me that, due to the nature of my work, you may need to leave a voicemail. I will reply to you within 24 hrs unless it’s a weekend. I will, however, respond to you over a weekend if you have selected any products that cover weekends. For open projects, I usually reply the same day.

*Please note depending on which product turnaround you have chosen, the first mix completion time varies between 1-5 working days. 

For a full breakdown of the timescales involved, please refer to your original invoice and the terms and conditions page here.

7. How quickly do I need to pay the invoice?

Once you have approved the final project you downloaded, you have up to 30 days to pay for the completed work. After this point, we will contact you to see how we can help sort out the payment. If you have trouble paying, we can work something out.

Please note that after an additional 14 days, if we still receive no reply, we shall destroy the unpaid project data.

You can contact me directly by replying to our email correspondence or creating a new message and sending it to:, or you can use the contact form. Please note if you need to call me that, due to the nature of my work, you may need to leave a voicemail. I will reply to you within 24 hrs unless it’s a weekend. I will, however, respond to you over a weekend if you have selected any products that cover weekends. However, for open projects, I usually reply the same day.

8. Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, but a non-refundable 25% deposit of the total balance, including VAT, must be paid upfront. I am flexible in certain situations, and where reasonable, I would love to help you, so please reach out to work something out.

9. What files do you provide on payment?

For mixing the exported file, the bit depth and rate will be the same as what you sent me. The minimum file quality we request is 44.1k/24-bit, so one can expect that bit depth and sample rate as a minimum your project was exported as. Why? Upsampling will do nothing more than make a file size larger and does not improve the sound quality.

For mastering, especially if you require the file to be dithered in the case of CD, you shall get back a 44.1k 16-bit WAV uncompressed file. A non-dithered version will also be supplied should you need it but once again, upsampling a file makes the file larger, which is bad practice and should be avoided.

Although compressed and considered lower quality than lossless files, MP3 files are here to stay. So, mastering exports/bounces can also have a 320kbps tagged MP3 added for free per track. You will also need to provide an ISRC code, ideally for mastering and others for different formats. We can discuss your specific needs when you place an order.

I can also accommodate other file types. Should you require them, please tell me when paying or before the project is completed.

If anything is unclear, please send your questions by replying to our email correspondence or creating a new message and sending it to:, or you can use the contact form. Please note if you need to call me that, due to the nature of my work, you may need to leave a voicemail. I will reply to you within 24 hrs unless it’s a weekend. I will respond to you over the weekend if you select any products covering weekends. For open projects, I usually reply the same day.

10. I am not in the UK do I still need to pay UK VAT?

Bicaneo is a brand of a real company with an office in the UK called 66Khz Productions Limited, formed in 2009. The VAT number is 216549110. The company is registered for UK VAT and is legally obliged to charge VAT for UK customers. For clarity:

Customers and business addresses located within the UK must pay VAT on purchases.

Customers and business addresses located outside of the UK do not pay UK VAT.

After the first quote, you will confirm your address when booking and establish your project requirements. I will then raise the invoice and send it back to you.

11. I am pleased with your work, but the invoice says to pay 66Khz Productions. Why?

I am the Director of the company 66Khz Productions Limited. It is a legal entity registered with Companies House in the United Kingdom in 2009. Therefore it is in my interest that my company’s reputation and my work are of the highest standards. I am in the business of building long-term relationships, not quick ‘fixes n’ mixes’.

Moreover, the United Kingdom has one of the best and safest reputations for conducting business worldwide, and companies must comply with rigorous legal requirements. Companies will receive heavy fines and sometimes be closed down for fraudulent activities, so you are in safe hands.

If you are interested, all my brands and record labels are part of this company. Bicaneo is the brand that represents the best of Omar Bicane’s music and services. Should you have further payment, business or licensing-related questions, please send them to:

12. What happens if I don't like the end result?

Music is subjective so you have generous revisions per track to request changes. After the included revisions are used, they are chargeable. Don’t forget that mixes are typically not as loud when mixed professionally. The loudness aspect is handled at the mastering stage.

Although this is rare if you need more revisions to cover the extra work requested, each additional revision over the included ones will be subject to additional charges. This will be £30, including VAT. Or £25 excluding UK VAT if you are located outside the UK. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions here.

However, in the unlikely event that you don’t like how the work is progressing after using the included revisions, you won’t pay a penny if you decide my style is not for you. I won’t provide the full final mix or master, and all data shall be destroyed after 14 days on my side unless you change your mind.

As a parting goodwill gesture, you can keep the clips sent during the revision process as a point of comparison for your next mix engineer, so you would get something for free in such a scenario.

13. Do you offer refunds on digital products such as mixing and mastering?

We are confident that you will love the work that Bicaneo does for you, extreme care is taken with every client, and we always aim for the best possible quality end product with the audio supplied to us. To protect both parties, we have a refund policy for defective physical and digital goods.

There are some situations whereby one can get a digital product refund. Examples might be if Bicaneo could not deliver the product to you by download due to file corruption and, in rare instances, defective or below industry-standard quality products were delivered.

However, since digital non-tangible goods are paid for when a client has auditioned the project, and then accepts and signs off the work as completed, unfortunately, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions here, refunds cannot be given for digital goods. This is common for most digital products sold online because they are easily replicated and cannot be returned like a physical product.

Any requests for a refund, physical or digital, must first be in writing, informing us of the problem within 14 days of receiving the automated alert that the client has downloaded the final project. In these cases, a second engineer will look at the situation fairly, and Bicaneo shall try to resolve the issue with the client as a matter of urgency. Please remember I am here to help, so I am approachable and flexible.

Your satisfaction and expectations are essential to Bicaneo. You are encouraged to read both the Terms and Conditions and the Refund Policy before confirming I can start work on your project. If anything is unclear, please use the contact form here to ask your questions.

14. Can you help with shorter durations and other projects such as sample packs, podcasts and audiobooks?

Yes, but you will need to contact me to request a quote via the contact form to discuss further – or to add to an existing estimate.