Services - Bicaneo


Reliable, quality results.
Give your music the depth, power and finesse it deserves while maintaining your artistic vision using the included revisions. Put your audio project in the best condition before mastering it.
Every detail counts after all your hard work; I can guarantee your track stands with or above the competition. Don’t settle for automated AI systems. I will work with you to complete your project.
Breathe new life into your tracks, spanning multiple genres. Get that Bicaneo twist sprinkled onto your tracks. One-off negotiable flat fee. All royalties are yours afterwards.

Here are some of the other services I offer

My previous life was working as an IT specialist at high-profile companies for over a decade. I am uniquely positioned in combination with a music degree and running a business. I can mentor you effectively from a creative, business and technical perspective. Get more projects done to a high standard, spanning multiple DAWs, Mac or PC.
Are you stuck with something on your track or stuck in a loop? Or perhaps you need a track or several created for a project. From collaboration to bespoke audio for TV, film, adverts and games, I can help you complete on time. I have an excellent selection of outboard and software synthesisers and instruments; some are rare. I even repair synthesisers!
Not just feedback but actionable steps to help you improve. The first one is free. I am fortunate to have a professional, fully treated studio and some of the best hardware and software where your project can be tested and analysed.
As a DJ and label owner, I enjoy listening to new music click to find out how to submit your music!

If you can't find what you are looking for and need something custom, then let me know using the form link below. I look forward to hearing from you!