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Music Score for a film about a paranoid recluse.

Helen in her 70s is a recluse, and the heir to the family fortune and the others are after it. Will her paranoia get the better of her?

As part of my Music Production and Engineering Degree at University, I was given the opportunity to score a musical composition for a film. The location, imagery, all characters, and narrative were carefully considered during spotting and implemented as a free-flowing set of musical cues for two different videos. These were synced in detail to the picture in my DAW, and some sections were played live. Listening to the audio in isolation may sound out of time because I was following the film, and the project required a different approach than writing linear compositions.

Finally, all audio was professionally mixed, as in TV and film, mostly dialogue is king! As well as being delivered in the correct industry-standard audio formats and a supporting video presentation featuring myself back to the client. The project showcases my organisational and communication skills and creativity in the form of improvisational musical and audio-technical skills. Moreover, given that I am more known for writing electronic music than acoustic music, this project demonstrates my versatility as a composer.

I enjoy writing acoustic and orchestral-based music as well. So I decided to fuse the two sonic worlds for this project. After 12 weeks, I was pleased I passed the module with ease. Still, more importantly, I enjoyed the challenge of learning from a professional composer, and I look forward to working more in the Film and TV sector.

*Due to copyright, I cannot publish the video footage on my website, but you can listen to the music score. The University has cleared me to send the final videos with my score in place so potential clients can review my work. So get in touch if you need someone to score your upcoming project. I would love to help you out!

Click here to contact me or to request a secured private download link of the video.

And listen below if you want to hear the music first.

Music Composer:
Omar Bicane
Music Producer:
Omar Bicane
Music Engineer:
Omar Bicane
Video Copyright:
Pointblank Music School

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