LFO Tool not working Ableton 10 and 11 – freezing / frozen 10.1.43 Max 4 live update

October 12, 20230

Today, I ran into an issue with the LFO tool in Ableton Suite 10.1.43. None of the controls were responding. They were frozen/locked. Why would it freeze? This was the case both in Ableton 11 and 10.

It used to work.

Well, the fix was simple. I had to install version 8 and above of Max 4 Live (I know I am outdated why? I am meant to be a pro). Too much client work! But today, I really wanted to use this on a production to automate some funky EQ and effect ideas I had that required an octopus.

NOTE IT WORKED INITIALLY but then did not work on the second try of re-opening the session after upgrading to 8+ of Max 4 Live. Therefore, I had to close all open sessions and – remove the older version. Now it works aaaaahhh. The sweet sound and reduced RSI on my tired arms 🙂

I hope this helps someone!









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